Gluteus Medius


Do your knees come in when you squat (ladies)? Or do you have a really tight IT Band (guys)? The glute med muscle is a major contributing factor in that. Look at the videos below to see how to isolate and strengthen your gluteus medius to help solve these issues.

This exercise does NOT need to be performed with added weight when you first begin. Focus on isolating the glute med and not using your back. It looks simple, but 3 sets of 10 on each side is enough to fatigue you.

Similar to the exercise above, however a little more difficult. For both of the exercises you can add a small band around the knees or ankles to add some resistance.

You should feel this exercise on the leg that is standing on the plate. This adds in a little bit of stability as well.

Rotator Cuff


CrossFitters have big shoulders, take a look around. Our deltoids, traps, and lats all get a lot of work. However our smaller SITS muscles sometimes get neglected. Take a look at the video below to help “pre”hab the shoulder.

Notice that he is using LIGHT weight, this is not meant to be a max effort complex. Also notice that he is not using any momentum to move the weight. Everything is slow and controlled.

To be continued ….