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The time has come! The Fitness Hall will be offering classes starting next Monday, July 6th! Classes are great! They allow you to push yourself further than you’ve ever imagined. Classes are not only a great workout but are FUN and always interesting, you’ll never be bored! I need some input on times though. When […]


OK…so you’ve got the summer off and the high school is closed so you’ve got no where to workout right? Well I mean you can go to the regular places but who wants to sign a contract for a year? NOBODY! So come out to The Fitness Hall for a summer membership, only $100 for […]


Main – CrossFit Weightlifting Front Squat (Heavy Double) Metcon Metcon (20 Rounds for reps) 20 Minute EMOM: Odds: Row 20/15 Calories Evens: 10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups *Sub out regular pull ups if needed. These should not take longer than 30 seconds.