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Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Different format today. Read it through a couple times and we will explain it well before the class starts.

Three 2:00 Rounds of:

8 Power Cleans

AMRAP Row Cals

Rest 2:00 (Rest 5:00 after 3rd round)


Three 2:00 Rounds of:

8 Front Squats

AMRAP Burpees

Rest 2:00 (Rest 5:00 after 3rd round)


10 Minute AMRAP of:

10 Pull Ups

15/10 Push Ups

30 Double Unders
You choose the weight for the power cleans and front squats. They can be different, but they need to be unbroken.

As soon as you’re done the 8 power cleans, you hop on the rower and row at 90% effort for the remainder of the time (about 90 seconds). Then you’re going to rest for 2:00. Repeat that for 3 rounds. After your 3rd round, instead of resting 2:00, you’re going to rest 5:00.

Then repeat the process again, but this time with front squats (no rack) and burpees. After the 3rd round, you’ll rest 5:00.

Then go into the 10:00 AMRAP.

Your score will be as follows: “round 1” is your TOTAL calories after the 3 rounds, “round 2” is your TOTAL burpee count after 3 rounds, and “round 3” is your total reps from the AMRAP.

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