There will be a meeting for anyone who is interested in competing in the upcoming 2016/2017 CrossFit Season. This is for those of you who are willing to attend the gym a minimum of 5 days a week and put in 2 hours+ daily. It is geared towards veteran athletes who are confident and competent in most of the lifts/skills.

However, we encourage anyone and everyone to attend if it interests you at all.

Prior to attending, please email Chad a list of your goals. Be specific as possible.

The meeting will take place this Saturday after the class. If you have any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to speak with/email Chad.

CrossFit Cambridge – CrossFit


Deadlift (One Rep Max)


Metcon (Time)


Deadlift (225/155lbs)

Box Jumps (24/20″)

Handstand Push Ups

15:00 Cap

Deadlifts should be completed in less than 90 seconds each set. You may use up to 2 abmats if required for the HSPU. Otherwise, scale to pike push ups 1:1.

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