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Shoulder Press (Build to a Heavy Single + 2 Down Sets of 10 at 70%)

Ring Pull Ups (See Below)

4 Sets of 5-10

If you don’t have strict pull ups, complete as many negatives as possible to get to 5 reps. Controlled descent taking 3-5 seconds. FULL RANGE OF MOTION.

If possible, use false grip.


Metcon (Time)

Row 50/35 Calories

25 Wall Ball (20/14lbs to 10′)

25 Overhead Squats (115/75lbs)

25 Wall Ball

25 Overhead Squats

Row 50/35 Calories

16 Minute Cap

No more than 3 sets for your OHS otherwise it’s too heavy. Feel free to substitute front squats if needed or lower the weight.

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