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Back Squat (4 Sets of 8-10)

Hit 10, increase the weight. Complete 2 warm up sets of 10 to start.


Ring Pull Ups (4 Sets of 5-10)

If you have 5-10, perform them strict on the rings.

If you have less than 5, perform as many as you can, followed by however many negatives you need to complete 5 total repetitions.

If you don’t have strict pull ups, perform 5 negative pull ups with an even 3-5 second descent.

If you are unable to perform negatives, lower the rings to shoulder height, then set up as if you were to perform a jumping pull up. Then pull yourself up with your upper body as much as possible. If needed, use your lower body to help you on the way up. Perform these with a tempo of 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down. 5 reps each set.


Diane (Time)

Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups
10:00 Cap.

Supposed to be a workout that is completed under 5:00 at HIGH intensity. Choose a weight you can perform 21 deadlift reps unbroken (but not 40 reps unbroken). This should be APPROXIMATELY 60% of your 1RM, maybe more, maybe less, depending on who you are.

You may use ONE abmat if required today. Otherwise, 30-20-10 pike push ups.

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