We have a small schedule change for our classes this week.

Thursday, February 4 – 9AM CANCELLED
Friday, February 5 – 6AM CANCELLED

We’re very sorry about this and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you. It’s ONLY for this week, as our newest member of CrossFit Cambridge decided to come 10 days early.

Next week everything is back on track!

CrossFit Cambridge – CrossFit


Hang Clean (Heavy Set of 3)

Build up to a heavy set of 3. Hit at least 5 solid sets. You cannot drop the bar between reps. You MUST pass through a front squat.


Metcon (20 Rounds for reps)

20 Minute EMOM:

Odds: 20/15 Calorie Row

Evens: 10 Front Squats (115/75lbs)

Max 30 seconds to front squat.

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