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Overhead Squat (5 Sets of 5)

FORM over any sort of weight at all. If you can hit depth with just the bar, that’s fantastic. If you then increase to 95lbs and are going a quarter of the way down, that’s not doing much.

If you’re still shakey with these, feel free to use a bench to squat to.

If you’re uncomfortable performing these, feel free to sub in front squats instead.

Front Squat (5 Sets of 5)


Double-Unders (5 Sets of 1:00 or 50 Max)

You know they’re coming up for the Open! 🙂 1:00 AMRAP or 50 total, whichever come first. 5 total sets.


Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips
Each clean requires a full front squat. No bands for the ring dips, feet out in front of you if required.

10:00 Cap.

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