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Back Squat (Build to a heavy set of 5 + 1:30 AMRAP at 80%)

Take 6-7 sets to hit that heavy set of 5. Then perform as many reps as possible in 90 seconds without racking the bar at 80% of that heavy set of 5.

Muscle-ups (4 Sets of AMRAP)

Choose the appropriate scale. No bands today. Muscle up rows or jumping muscle ups if needed. If you’re scaling them, make them difficult, but you should still be hitting at least 5 reps/set. If you’re completing them rx’d, you’re looking for at least 15/10+ total.



Metcon (Time)

25 Burpees



Hang Power Cleans (155/105lbs)

Handstand Push Ups


25 Burpees

RX+ 185/125lbs

15:00 Cap

HPC weight should be 3 sets or less each round. One abmat only for the HSPU, pike push ups otherwise.

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