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Front Squat (5 Sets of 4)


Pistols (4 Sets of 10)

Complete in between your front squats. Try your best to complete 10 on one leg before switching to the other. If these are an easier movement for you, feel free to add some weight (KB).

If they are somewhat more difficult, scale your depth. Complete them at a controlled pace.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP

7 Hang Power Snatches

35 Double Unders

RX+: 135/95lbs

Rx: 115/75lbs

L3: 95/65lbs

L2: 75/55lbs

L1: 65/45lbs

Hang power snatches should be medium. You should be able to complete your first set in under 60 seconds. Same goes for double unders, under 60 seconds. If you are unable to complete them in under 60 seconds, you must complete 20 tuck jumps instead (pending coach direction).

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