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Clean Pull (5 sets of 3)

Remember a clean pull is not the same as a deadlift. Clean pull starts with hips lower, chest higher and ends with explosive hip extension at the top. No arm bend.

Keep that bar close when you extend! Think about shrugging the bar up as opposed to leaning back as that creates space between you and the bar.

Strict Pull-Ups (5 sets of 5)

Add weight or add tempo to add difficulty.

No bands today – negatives only.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

Run 800m

60 Alternating DB/KB Snatches (70/50lb DB or 28/20kg kb)

40 burpees
Use a DB if possible today. If not, use a KB at above weights. All snatches are from the floor today. Snatches should be medium/moderate – not light!

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