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Turkish Get Up (Complete 30 Total Reps )

Use a KB today. Warm up with a few lighter ones, then complete 30 total (15/side) anyway you like.

No rush with these. Take your time and hit each step.


Metcon (No Measure)

20 Minute EMOM:

Odds: Step ups 24/20″

Evens: Front Leaning Raise

Step up for the entire minute. Don’t worry about reps, just keep moving the entire minute. Make sure you even out your legs. Try your best to drive off your entire foot, not just the front.

FLR is essentially an elevated plank. Plank on the rings (appx 6″ off the ground) with a nice hollow body position (no creases in the upper back of your shirt)!

Don’t worry about recording reps or anything. Just 20 minutes of work.

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