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Back Squat (7-7-5-5-3-3)

All heavy working sets.


Goal is 30 second freestanding handstand.

With all of the options below focus on perfect body positioning: shoulders pressed up, feet together, toes pointed, butt squeezed.

Options to get you there:

A) Wall Walks as high as possible

B) Handstand hold with back against wall

C) Handstand hold with nose and toes against wall

D) Nose and toes against wall while trying to bring feet off wall

E) Partner freestanding handstand holds (partner spots you)

F) Freestanding handstand holds


Metcon (20 Rounds for reps)

20 Minute EMOM:

ODDS: 7-15 burpees (your choice)

EVENS: 5-10 Toes to bar & 5-10 HSPU
Your choice for rep scheme. You should have 20 seconds or so left after the burpees.

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