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1 + 1/4 Back Squat (Build to a heavy set of 3 + 2 Down Sets of 8 @50%)

Start with the bar on your back.

Descend into the bottom of your squat (below parallel).

Raise out of the bottom until you are just above parallel.

Go back down into the bottom of your squat.

Stand all the way up.

That’s one rep.

Muscle-ups (See options below.)

A) 3×10 Beat Swings (false grip) + 3×5 Box Humps + 3×3 Banded Transitions

B) 1-3 Muscle Ups x 5 Sets

C) 3-5 Muscle Ups with 5 Second L Sit + Turn Out at Top of Each Rep x 5 Sets


Metcon (Time)


Power Snatch (95/65lbs)

*10 Pull Ups + 10 Pistols (Alternating) after each set of p.snatches.

**You may sub 15 walking lunges in place of the pistols if needed.

20 Minute Cap

RX+ 135/95lbs

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