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Snatch Pull (5-5-3-3-2-2-1)

This is a snatch pull, not a deadlift in a snatch grip. Keep your hips and butt low and use your legs to push into the ground to lift, not so much hinging your hips and using your back.

After a couple warm up sets, hit the above stated rep scheme. Increase weight each set.

Handstand Push-ups

5 Sets of:

A) 10-30 second handstand hold + 5-10 pike push ups (each set)

B) 1-5 handstand push ups

C) 5-10 handstand push ups

D) 5-10 deficit handstand push ups

*Kipping today.


Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds for Time:

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65lbs)

10/7 Ring Dips

15 Minute Cap

*Yes, ladies complete 7 ring dips instead of 10.

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