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Back Squat (3 Sets of 3)

If you hit a heavy set of 3 last week, take about 95%+ of that and complete 3 sets of 3 with that weight.

Handstand (Practice)

Practice your handstand holds.


B)Nose and Toes on the wall

C)Back to wall

D)Wall Walks

The goal is to accumulate 2:00 in a handstand in between your back squat sets. If you’re uncomfortable upside down, just practice what you can (try to push outside your comfort zone a bit)!


Metcon (Time)

Row 500M

21 Front Squats (135/95lbs)

21 Pull Ups

Row 500M

15 Front Squats

15 Pull Ups

Row 500M

9 Front Squats

9 Pull Ups

17:00 Cap

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