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Back Squat (Heavy Triple)

Build to a heavy set of 3. Take 5-7 sets to get there.

Handstand Push-ups

5 Sets of:

A) 5-10 Strict HSPU

B) 5-10 Pike Push Ups

*No more than 1 abmat today. If you need more than 1 abmat we will go back to pike push ups.


Metcon (Time)

50 Pull Ups

100 Double Unders

25 Thrusters (115/75lbs)

100 Double Unders

50 Pull Ups

No more than 5:00 on the pull ups.

NO BANDS for anyone with the pull ups today. Jumping pull ups only. Set up a box or stack of weights so that your wrist is over the bar while standing.

No more than 2:00 at the double unders, or 200 singles.

Thruster weight should be medium at most.

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