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1 Segmented Snatch Deadlift + 1 Snatch (Perfect Single)

Full snatch is ideal. The SSDL is to ensure you’re hitting each of your positions throughout your first and second pull of the snatch.

You will be set up in your bottom position, lift the bar ONE INCH off the ground, hardly anything. This is to ensure your bottom position stays tight and your back angle remains the same.

You are going to pause there for 2 seconds. You will then lift the bar to JUST above your knees. The focus is to ensure you’re pushing your knees BACK to raise the bar to that height. Your hamstrings should be LOADED in this position. Pause for 2 seconds.

Then lift the bar into your hips (while staying overtop with your shoulders). Pause here for 2 seconds. You should NOT be fully extended. Focus on pulling the bar into your hips with your lats. Then stand up.

Once you’ve completed one snatch segmented deadlift, bring the bar back down to the ground and perform a full snatch (power if you’re unable).


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 16 Minutes:

Odds: Step Ups (24/20″)

Evens: Front Leaning Raise

*Step ups for the entire minute. Steady pace.

**FLR on the rings. Rings should be appx 6″ off the ground. It’s basically a plank on the rings. If this is difficult you can scale it to your knees. Ideally you hold for the entire minute.

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