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Back Squat (3 Sets of 6)

Same weight for each set of 6. Should be more than your sets of 8 (maybe around 80%).

Handstand Push-ups

A) 4 Sets of 8-10 Strict Deficit HSPU

B) 4 Sets of 8-10 Strict HSPU

C) Complete 10-20 Total Strict HSPU

D) Complete 4 Sets of 1-4 Wall Walks

D) 4 Sets of 5-10 Pike Push Ups


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time:

10 UB Front Squats (155/105lbs)

15 Pull Ups

UB = unbroken for the front squats. If you’re unable to perform the rx weight, pick a weight you know you can complete approximately 15 reps fresh.

15:00 Cap

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