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Front Squat (3 Sets of 10)

Same weight for all 3 sets. Should be somewhere around 70% of your 1RM. A tough but manageable set of 10 each time.


A) 5 Sets of 3-5 Muscle Ups

B) 5 Sets of 1-2 Single Muscle Ups

C) 5 Sets of 1-3 Jumping Muscle Ups (Ensure you are jumping to the BOTTOM of the dip, NOT the top of the movement)

D) 5 Sets of 3-5 Banded Transitions + Dip

E) 5 Sets of 5 Muscle Up Rows (These should be hard for everyone, if they’re easy you’re doing them wrong. Same as the jumping muscle up … ensure you’re pulling to the absolute bottom of the dip)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Death By Clean and Jerk”

Minute 1 = 1 Clean and Jerk

Minute 2 = 2 Clean and Jerks

Minute 3 = 3 Clean and Jerks

Etcetera, until you can no longer complete the rx’d reps in the minute.

Weight is ideally “Grace” 135/95lbs, however choose a weight that allows you to get a minimum of 10 rounds in.

Clean and Jerk for today is ground to shoulder to overhead anyway you see fit.

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