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3 Position Snatch (Build to a perfect set.)

Hi Hang Snatch + Low Hang Snatch + Snatch
Your choice if you want to power or squat snatch this. Perform each lift right after the other. Hi hang, right into a low hang and then right down to the floor.

For today, high hang will be about mid thigh, low hang will be just BELOW the knee, and then of course the floor.


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Time:

Run 2 Laps

20 Pull Ups

20 Thrusters (75/55lbs)

*RX+ will be chest to bar pull ups.

**Thruster weight should be on the lighter side. You should be able to complete AT LEAST 15 reps unbroken as a gauge.

***20 Minute Cap

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