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Back Squat (Heavy Set of 2 + 2 Down Sets at ~90%)

Handstand (Practice your handstand … see below )

Complete 5 sets of 30 second handstand holds against the wall.

If you’re unable to hold for 30 seconds, hold until just BEFORE failure.

If you’re unable to hold at all then complete 5 sets of 3 wall walks as high as possible.

If you’re unable to complete even a partial wall walk, then complete static pike hold on a box for 5×30 seconds (or as long as you can, before failure).

Start back to wall. Then once you’re comfortable go chest to wall (nose and toes on wall).

If you’re comfortable with chest to wall, start playing around with coming off the wall every so slightly and practice freestanding.

Your coach will help you with options.


Metcon (Time)


Pull Ups

Abmat Sit Ups

*20 Walking Lunges between each set and at the end.

**For today, NO BANDS for the pull ups. You will perform jumping pull ups instead.

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