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Front Squat (Heavy Set of 4 + 2 Down Sets at ~90%)

Muscle-ups (See Below)

OK, there will be a lot of people at a lot of different stages in muscle up progression. So if you’re uncertain where you are, speak with a coach and they will be glad to give you some advice on where to start.

A) 5 Sets of 3-5 Muscle Ups

B) 5 Sets of 1-2 Single Muscle Ups

C) 5 Sets of 1-3 Jumping Muscle Ups (Ensure you are jumping to the BOTTOM of the dip, NOT the top of the movement)

D) 5 Sets of 3-5 Banded Transitions + Dip

E) 5 Sets of 5 Muscle Up Rows (These should be hard for everyone, if they’re easy you’re doing them wrong. Same as the jumping muscle up … ensure you’re pulling to the absolute bottom of the dip)


Metcon (Time)


Toes to Bar

20 Double Unders and 20 Air Squats in Between Each T2B Set and at the End

*If you’re unable to complete DU, you can either attempt for 30 seconds, or switch to 40 singles.

**Like usual, KIP those toes to bar. Even if that means you’re not actually touching your toes to bar.

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