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Hang Snatch (Build to a moderate double)

Form is key. Don’t worry about the weight, unless it’s perfect.

Competitive people are not to do this lift (email with further direction is on it’s way, just waiting for those who have not yet informed).


Metcon (Time)


Toes To Bar

Push Press (115/75lbs)

Wall Ball (20/14lbs to 10′)
Competitive people omit this.


Metcon (No Measure)

45 Minute Run – Slow/Moderate Pace (Can hold a conversation)


As Many Sets as Possible in 5 Minutes of 1-5 Chest to Bar Ladder (Perform 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 1 … or if you can only do 3 then a 1-3 ladder). If this is not possible then do the same ladder with regular pull ups. These all need to be butterfly. No exceptions.


A1: 5×8 Barbell Curl

A2: 5×8 Skullcrushers


B1: 4×10 Preacher Curl

B2: 4×10 Diamond Push Ups (Add weight if possible)


C1: 3×12 Incline DB Curls

C2: 3×12 Banded Tricep Pull Downs

*Slow and controlled for all these.

**Notice how the run is first. No fun stuff unless you run. I’m serious, I’ll kick you out and make you run.

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