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Today is the first day of our new cycle. Strength workouts and class workout will remain relatively the same. The biggest change will be for people who would like to be competitive.


Back Squat (Heavy Set of 6 + 2 Down Sets)

Throughout this entire cycle I do not want anyone to PR. Each heavy set should be heavy, but not a max. It should not be a grind. You should be able to hit a top set in about 4-5 sets.

You will perform 2 down sets of 6 reps at approximately 10% less of your top set today.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60 Front Squats (155/105lbs)

*Each time the bar drops complete 15 Burpees

**15 minute time cap

***Coaches can scale the burpees if they see it necessary

****You should be able to complete anywhere from 10-20 reps unbroken.
People completing the “extra competitive training” WILL NOT do the metcon. WILL. NOT. DO. THE. METCON. 🙂


Snatch (15 Minutes to Build to a Moderate Single )

STICK TO THE TIME LIMIT. You have a lot of work to do today.

Paused Front Squat (4 Sets of 8 – 2 Count Pause)

Focus on NOT rebounding out of the bottom. No more than 2 warm up sets. NOT a max.

Bulgarian Split Squats (3 Sets of 10 )

Elevate your rear foot on 1-2 plates. Control the tempo with a 2-3 second descent and ascent, focus on constant tension on the front leg. One warm up set should suffice. Do not build to a max.


Metcon (No Measure)


30 Seconds at Hard (not max) Effort

1:30 at Moderate Effort

5 Rounds (10 minutes total)

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