The Intramural Open teams have been made! Check your email for your Team Captain and start brainstorming names and ways to win the Spirit Award at Friday Night Lights!

Main – CrossFit


Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk (Build to a heavy set)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Time:

75 Squats

75 Double Unders

10 Power Cleans (155/105lbs)


Handstand Push-ups (See Below)

3 rounds for total time:

5 strict handstand pushups, 3″/2″ deficit

8 kipping handstand pushups, 3″/2″ deficit

11 strict handstand pushups

14 kipping handstand pushups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

*Scale the deficit as you see fit


3 rounds for total time:

1 Strict HSPU

3 Kipping HSPU

7 Pike Push Ups

10 Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Snatch (Touch-and-Go Snatch 50%x6x6 on 90 seconds)

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