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1 Clean + 2 Jerks (EMOM 10)

1 clean (anyway) and 2 split jerks every minute on the minute for 10.

We will split the class into two groups. One group will left on the 0:00 and the next will lift on the 0:30 .. just so we can have more eyes on more people.

Start around 70% of your jerk and go from there.


Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds for Time or 20 Minute Cap:

6 Handstand Push Ups

7 Toes to Bar

Row 15/10 Calories

*Add a deficit if possible for the HSPU. 4/3″ is ideal.


Hang Clean (Heavy perfect squat double in 15 minutes)

Snatch (Touch and Go @ 50% – 5 sets of 6 Every 90 Seconds)

These MUST be touch and go. They MUST be full snatches. They MUST be completed every 90 seconds. They MUST be at 50%, no more.

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