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Deadlift (15 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Triple )


Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Total Rounds of:

3 Minutes on / 3 Minutes off

*At the start of each round you will complete:

7 Deadlifts (Med/Heavy)

50 Double Unders

With the remaining time you will complete:

1) AMRAP KB Snatch (24/16kg) – must alternate every 5 reps

2) AMRAP Pistols

3) AMRAP KB Clean (24/16kg) – must alternate every 5 reps

4) AMRAP KB Jerk (24/16kg)

**Your deadlift should be based off your heavy 3 from the strength session. Not the same weight, but use it as a guideline.

***If your double unders are sub par switch to 100 single unders. You should have a minimum of 90 seconds to do the KB work.

All the KB work is single arm. We will review each of these lifts beforehand. We can partner up if necessary. One works, one rests.

Score each round WITHOUT the deadlifts and double unders. So if you complete 10 KB snatches your score is 10 for that round.


Clean and Jerk (Build to a heavy set – Not a PR)

Muscle-ups (See Below)

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