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Push Press (5 Reps at 85% of Training Max)

Push Press (3 Reps at 90% of Training Max)

Push Press (1+ Reps at 95% of Training Max)


Heavy Fran (Time)

Thrusters (135/95lbs)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Heavy means heavy. Heavy does not mean the same weight as your regular Fran. You will most likely struggle with the thrusters, that’s supposed to happen. If you’re ripping them off and NOT doing it rx’d, it’s probably too light. Sets may be split into 2 or 3.

We’re still looking at a “quick” time … under 10:00. Intensity is still meant to be high.

Chest to bar means just that, your chest must actually TOUCH the bar (below the collar bone). If you don’t have them, try to pull as high as possible each rep. If you don’t usually use a band, but still can’t do C2B, don’t use a band, just regular pull ups will do. Try your best.

Scale as you need.


Pendlay Row (5 Sets of 8)

No tempo, but still control. Touch your chest each time then touch the ground. Watch the english, keep it rather strict.

Pistols (BAREFOOT – See below)

Play around with weighted pistols. Hold a single KB in the goblet position. Some of you who struggle with pistols may actually find the counter balance an assistance.

Don’t perform more than 30/leg. 10 minute cap. If they’re easy, see how heavy you can go, SAFELY. Ensure you perform these barefoot to help with ankle flexibility.

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