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This entire week is a DELOAD week. This means your weights are LIGHT and they are supposed to be LIGHT. You will NOT be going heavy this week. It will RUIN the program. Your weights should feel so light that you seem confused and think you’re doing it wrong, trust me, you’re not. You MUST stick to the prescribed percentages. You will NOT be maxing out this week.

Next week we will increase all our numbers. So recover this week and hit it hard next.


As usual, use 90% of your actual 1RM to find your training max.

Back Squat (5 Reps at 40% of Training Max)

Back Squat (5 Reps at 50% of Training Max)

Back Squat (5 Reps at 60% of Training Max)

Reminder, it is NOT a max set. Only 5. Yes, it’s light, super light, focus on being fast.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Minute AMRAP
12/10 Cal Row
7 Thrusters (115/75lbs)
Rest 1 Minute

Notice there is a one minute rest period built into the workout. You MUST rest the entire minute. It’s there for a purpose. To keep the INTENSITY HIGH. A perfect score would be 6+ rounds. That would mean sprint for a minute, rest for a minute.

Those thrusters need to be unbroken, however that is not a reason for them to be light.


High-Hang Snatch (Heavy Single + 3 singles at 90% )

Max 20 minutes here. Heavy perfect single and then 3 more singles at 90% of that. Focus on finishing your pull with your arms and beating the bar down.


Handstand (See below)

Accumulate 2:00 in a handstand against a wall. Chest to wall. Nose and toes against the wall. Try to bring your hands under your shoulders as opposed to being wider than that.
10 Minute EMOM
Strict Handstand Push Ups

You choose how many. Anywhere from 1-5. If you’re able of completing more than 5 a minute for 10 minutes add a deficit. If you’re uncertain then just do 5 for 10 minutes and see what happens.

Goal is to have the same amount of work each minute. Don’t want you to start with 5 and then singles in the later rounds. Same work each round. You pick the number.

Sub with pike push ups or seated L DB press. Same rules apply.

Just like all the previous weeks, no abmats for your strict hspu. They must be performed on a level surface or deficit.

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