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Remember, we are still using 90% of your 1RM.
On your 1+ set, as soon as your form breaks down – STOP. Do not sacrifice form for extra reps. We are looking for good reps!

Deadlift (5 Reps @ 85%)

Deadlift (3 Reps at 90%)

Deadlift (1+ Reps at 95%)


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:
8 Squat Cleans (135/95)
10 Burpees


Tall Split Jerk (5 Sets of 3)

Keep it nice and light. Work on getting under the bar FAST and not pressing up with your arms. You should be pulling yourself under the bar!


Split Jerk (Heavy Double)

Work up to a heavy double from the racks. Make sure you’re getting under the bar quickly as you practiced with your tall split jerks.

30 Muscle-Ups (Time)

30 muscle-ups for time
10:00 cap. Get as many as you can in 10 minutes!

If you do not have muscle ups, watch this ENTIRE video (yes, it’s 18 minutes long) and complete each drill in the series.

5×10 of the swings
5×5 box hip extension
5×3 strict banded muscle up
THESE ARE ALL TO BE COMPLETED IN FALSE GRIP. SUCK IT UP AND DO IT! If you don’t use false grip you might as well just not be doing these drills.

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