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We are starting our new strength cycle this week. It will most likely be running for 12 weeks. For those of you who have heard of it, it’s called “5-3-1”. This will be percentage work. You need to know your maxes. If you will be following the program faithfully and you have yet to test your maxes go ahead and test them on the appropriate day.

You need to find out your “training max” for all your lifts (squat, push press, deadlift, bench press).

Training maxes will be 90% of your actual max. Monday’s workout will be back squats and will look like this ..

Actual max: 200lbs
Training max: 180lbs (90% of 200lbs)
Set 1: 5 reps at 75% of 180lbs
Set 2: 5 reps at 80% of 180lbs
Set 3: 5+ reps at 85% of 180lbs

Of course warm up before these sets. Notice set 3 is *5+*. This means you will be completing a MINIMUM of 5 reps, however you will be maxing out. You should expect anywhere from 10-15 reps. If you’re close to 5 then your max is probably wrong.

This max set is a max, however PERFECT form should be maintained. As soon as your form breaks down or you’re really grinding out a rep then shut it down. We will be maxing out every single day. Leave some in the tank.

Back Squat (5 Reps at 75%)

Back Squat (5 Reps at 80%)

Back Squat (*5+* Reps at 85%)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Time:
10 Curtis P’s
Run 400M

Rx’d 135/95lbs
Level 3: 115/75lbs
Level 2: 95/65lbs
Level 1: 75/55lbs

A Curtis P is as follows:
Power clean, left leg lunge, right leg lunge, push press. 2nd rep starts from the ground and into a power clean again.


Snatch (See below)

Build to a heavy 2 rep snatch with perfect form. Then perform 3 singles at that weight. 20 minute cap.

Handstand Push-ups (Same as last week, see below. )

Begin by accumulating 1:00 in a handstand hold. Ideally chest/noes/toes against the wall.
5:00 AMRAP handstand push ups OR 50 total.

If you hit 50 HSPU within 5:00 last week then add a small deficit and repeat.

If you cannot complete strict HSPU then either perform PERFECT pike push ups or seated dumbbell press with your legs out in front of you for the same rep scheme.

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