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Back Squat (5 Sets of 5 *or 1RM*)

We will be starting a new strength cycle next week (this week isn’t good because of the holiday). You NEED to know your 1RM numbers for your back squat, shoulder press, deadlift, and bench press. We will be performing each of those lifts again this week.

If you have already tested your 1RM, DO NOT test it again. Instead, follow along with the prescribed rep scheme.


Secret Agent Test (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP
KB Snatch (24/16kg)

10 minutes straight of KB snatches. These are from the hips, not the floor. Switch hands whenever you want. Try your best to ensure it’s even at the end.

200 reps is a pass to become a Secret Agent. That takes a lot of switching on the fly and not a lot of rest.

Treat this like a KB swing. Snap your hips to bring the KB up, arms just finish the movement. Ensure to punch through the KB to prevent forearm bruising.


We will be starting the Extra Training this week. You are only to complete the extra training if you have spoken to Chad about it. Multiple announcements and emails were sent out in the past few weeks. If you somehow missed them and are interested in the extra training please inform Chad.

Snatch (Heavy Single)

Take 20 minutes to build up to a heavy single. TWENTY minutes, no more. That means it probably won’t be a 1RM. Remember why you’re doing this extra training … A 50lb pr in 6 months time will be much better than a 5lb pr tomorrow. Only increase your weight if it’s PERFECT.

Handstand Push-ups (5:00 AMRAP or 50 Total)

These are to be completed strict. NO kipping. Either AMRAP in 5 minutes or 50 total reps, whichever comes first.

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