WOD Monday 140602

Squats: LIGHT!
5 Sets of 3 at NO MORE than 50% of your 1RM. Focus here is on SPEEEEEEED!


In between your squat sets perform the corresponding amount of pull ups. If you did not test your max set last week then you will need to do that first.

If you performed 5 or less total pull ups you will be completing the sets below as NEGATIVES with a 3 second descent. If your descent takes you shorter than 3 seconds, use a band to assist you in descending 3 seconds.

0-3 Pull Ups:

4-5 Pull Ups:

6-8 Pull Ups:
2/3/2/2/Max (3 min)

9-11 Pull Ups:
3/5/3/3/Max (5 min)

12-15 Pull Ups:
6/8/6/6/Max (8 min)

16-20 Pull Ups:
8/11/8/8/Max (10 min)

21-25 Pull Ups:
12/16/12/12/Max (15 min)

For time (15 Minute Cap)
50 Clean and Jerks (135/95lbs)
Every minute starting at 0:00 complete 5 burpees.

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