WOD Thursday 140522


Squats 8 Sets of 4 @ 80% 1RM + 10-20lbs

Increase your weight based off of how 8×4 felt last week. NO MORE THAN 20 POUNDS!

If you completed all your sets as prescribed with relative ease, increase 20lbs. If you did not complete all of your sets as prescribed, DO NOT INCREASE.

If you were somewhere in between, use your judgement or ask a coach.

12 Minute EMOM:
Odds: 3 Power Cleans (Moderate/Heavy)
Evens: Max Double Unders

Choose your own weight for the power cleans. They will be down to quick singles by the end of the workout.

Goal is 60+ double unders each round. See how many rounds you can do the entire minute.

EVERYONE is double undering. No singles.

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